Home Decor Gifts for this Season
It’s the holiday season and you know what
that means, it’s the season of peak capitalism!
Kidding aside, yes, we are kind of forced
to buy stuff that we don’t necessarily need but they’re on sale we must buy
them because they might never be that cheap again. Well instead of buying stuff
for our own, why don’t we use this time of the year to be nice children not
only in the eyes of Santa but to the eyes of people? What do I mean?
Fundamentally speaking, Christmas is all about giving and you know what they
say, giving is much better than receiving.
So, what do we want to give to our loved
ones this Christmas? May I suggest that we give them something “permanent” and
will leave a very lasting impression of our very kind, pure and beautiful souls
as well as the things that resonate the time of the year. Here is a list of
luxurious Christmas-themed home-decors that would suit a very lovely Christmas
present to your friends and family.
Note: While we do encourage you giving
these as a gift for your loved ones, you are still free from buying them and
use them for your own. We never know, this might spark your creative juices for
you to create a thematical Christmas home this year which would be of service
to the visitors who would come to your house. That in itself, is a gift; a gift
of pleasing people’s eyes by your efforts in decorating your home to be of
service through your hospitality. With that being said, you are still in the
nice list of Santa.

Reindeer Candle Holder

With the size of 19×8.2 cm, it is a
reindeer shaped candle holder made with aluminum. This candle holder suits
perfectly for a white themed Christmas in your home which is pretty trendy
nowadays especially in very snowy regions in the world.
Link: https://www.amara.com/products/reindeer-candle-holder
Flock Needle Pine Wreath
It is a plastic wreath with a 61 cm
Hang it in any door in your house and is
perfect for pretty much any Christmas theme that involves snow. This, truly
best fits the best in white-themed Christmas.
Link: https://www.amara.com/products/flock-needle-pine-wreath-1
Hide Stocking – Black & Gold
With a size of 46×32 cm made with the
finest leather and cotton (specifically foiled hairon leather), this stocking
fits at a more mature, luxurious looking Christmas theme that don’t necessarily
use the mainstream white, red and green. Although with much creativity,
anything is possible.
Twig Reindeer Ornament – Large
Link: https://www.amara.com/products/twig-reindeer-ornament
This décor is one of our favorites. This is
a very versatile décor fit perfectly either a gift or a very pleasing display
on any Christmas theme you desire. Just look at its majestic stance.
It stands at with a height of 75 cm and
composing of over 93% real elm twigs with a touch of plastic and pine cones.
Literally outstanding.
Berry, Herb & Foliage door wreath
Last but not the least is another door
wraith that is now made versatile to any Christmas decorated theme. With its
natural colors of green shining through, with a touch of gold, red and touches
of brown, we believe that it fits with a lot of doors and themes that you may
Link: http://www.selfridges.com/GB/en/cat/the-real-flower-company-berry-2c-herb-26-foliage-door-wreath_688-10007-BERRYFOLIAGEWREATH/